Welcome to the Friends of Lapwing Lane Arcade (FOLLA) comments page. Please take the opportunity to share any comments or memories of the shops, shopkeepers and the magnificent awning.
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  1. Good luck and well done to FOLLA for this. The arcade seems to have gone through quite a few changes of character over the years but I’ve always used it and always found something of interest there. It can’t be allowed to rot. I look forward to seeing it restored.

  2. Sorry you feel so badly about Metrolink. I do remember the pre-Beeching, much noisier trains on that line – let’s hope your fears are unfounded.

    Just to add to the general nostalgia – I will always associate the (ex)Town Hall on Lapwing Lane with the smell of surgical spirit … by an accident of the month of my birth I was in the very first bunch of children to get what was then a very new and rather controversial treatment: the first polio vaccinations. (1955?) As a scared small kid – there was much muttering among us selected mixed infants about “getting the needle” – I went into a caravan set up next to the Town Hall.

    I don’t recall the injection at all, so it can’t have hurt one little bit, but just that smell when my arm was swabbed – that seemed like absolute Doom. To this day I can’t walk past that handsome building without getting a whiff of that smell.

  3. i have lived in the withington/didsbury are for over 40 years and was really upset when the bin wagon destroyed the blockbuster end of the arcade, and why there insurance weren’t asked to repair it i don’t know. but it is fantastic to hear that something positive is happening in our lovely are as i live 50 feet away from the new metrolink extension and i know it can be nothing but a negative in my life,and with all the negativity in every ones life at the moment it is so nice to be part of this positive action. so well done all the instigators i will show my support up to and beyond its repair, it will look fantastic !

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