The Plan

What repair work is required?

The view of those who have examined the canopy recently is that, some of the ironwork stanchions and tracery can be restored but that other bits must be replaced.  Where replacement is necessary then the closest possible match to the original will be sought.  All the glasswork needs replacing.  Once the ironwork has been restored then it would be

Cast iron detail

Cast iron detail

important for the appearance of the arcade not to have random large shop signs obscuring the view so it is sensible to insist that each business has a uniform and unobtrusive sign – maybe oval in shape like the ones in the Barlow Moor Road arcade in Chorlton – hanging from the canopy frame.  The pavement under the canopy is also the responsibility of the owners/tenants (whereas the pavement between the front edge of the canopy and the roadside kerb is the council’s responsibility).  During restoration work it may be desirable to relay these paving stones so that the whole appearance in front of the shops is enhanced.  With the coming of the Metrolink and the inevitable increase in footfall in this area the opportunity for the retail businesses is enticing.  The improvements to the arcades in Chorlton and Heaton Moor Road, Heaton Chapel attracted the development of a ‘pavement café’ culture and it is likely that an attractive arcade with many more passers by would lead to the same sort of development on Lapwing Lane.

How much is this all going to cost?

Well we have a quotation for £48,000 which with other costs such as the signage means we have to raise £60,000 to get the job done.

Broken Panes detail

Detail of broken panes of glass

What about the owners?

Folla has now agreed a licence with all the owners whereby FOLLA is responsible for the restoration of the canopy and ongoing maintenance for the next 25 years.

If you wish to become a Friend Of Lapwing Lane Arcade please contact us here. It would help to have your name and a phone number from you.  Once we are confident that the legal transfer of ownership can be achieved then we will invite you to sign up and subscribe a small annual sum to FOLLA.  There will also be fundraising events locally for this excellent cause.

Please join us and together let’s get this arcade back to its former glory.